John 'Painkiller' Harvey
John Harvey was born in the mining colony on alpha 246, where he used to live until he went 15. Thereafter he served honestly for the troops of the Alliance for 21 years, 14 of them in a deadly-flight-squadron, where he received his nickname. He left the army because of personal reasons and now is an OGL-pilot for rising up for his honour in the name of the Alliance!

Gloria 'Black Widow' Jameson
Gloria Jameson was born on earth, and lived here for 17 years.. she learned the basics of aviation on her grandfather’s farm, a quondam combat pilot. With 18 she applied for a job at the OGL for the first time, with 20 she was taken over after all. Since then she has improved to a great pilot and has no handicap with her male colleagues, therefore her nickname. She fights for her grandfather’s memory in the name of the Alliance!

Jin 'Freaky' Jinnz
Jin jinzz home planet is gamma 315. Because his species was liberated successfully by the Alliance shortly before jins birth, as one of his quadrants best flight-learners he had the great chance to choose the way of an OGL-pilot instead of the military. He flies for his family in the name of the Alliance!

ALF 'Steelbite' #109
ALF-artificial life form # 109. the 109th specimen of its production series has been modified to check this androids independent airworthiness. That experiment turned out so positive, that one decided to apply it to the OGL as an ambassador for the Alliances technical improvement. ALF#109 is on the way in the name of the Alliance!

Volt 'Vultor' Joe
'Vultor' - substantia cornutus, his real name is inexpressible for humans - has been worker in a security camp on Gamma 7D quite recently. Now, as a refined member of his meanwhile freed race he took the chance to become an ambitious pilot of the Glider League. He flies for the continuity of peace and in the name of the alliance!