Interface - HUD
Here you can find all details for your User Interface, so you have the right overview.

1. Score
Here you can check your actual score. Later this score also is shown in the score table so the other players can watch it.

2. Balls
Here the actual count of balls is visible, you are carrying. It's limited at a maximum rate of 10 balls.

3. Speed
This display shows your momentary speed.

4. Boost
On this beam you can check the rate of your boost energy. If you use the boost, the beam falls back to the left.

5. Health
This display gives information how many health points are left until your destrucion.

6. Armor
Here you can check how many armor units your glider still has.

7. Weapon Display
The weapon, thats active at the moment is shown here. Above it, you can see the ammo count for that weapon.

8. Crosshair
The main crosshair. It features an artificial horizont.

9. Incoming Object Arrow
If the "Watch Out" Display is active, this cursor also becomes active. The arrow can be found on the screen edge always with the direction the projectile is coming from.

10. Radar
In the upper left corner of the screen the radar is visible. Here all gliders inside a certain radius are shown. The radar is dynamic, that means it moves with the player.

11. Time
This display shows how much time is still left for the match. If there is no time limit activated, this display isn't visible.

12. Rang
Shows your actual rank in the table.