" Matches
There are matches with a time limit or a score limit.
" Timelimit
The end of a time limits et before the player with the highest score wins..
" Scorelimit
The player who reaches the score limit, which was set before, wins.
" Score distribution
‚Collect'n Kill' - That's your mission. To gain score, you don't have to survive only the hard fights, but you have to collect the the balls which are spread over the whole level - provided that nobody steals them.
" Kill
For every enemy, you kill you achieve score.
" Collect
Your glider can carry up to 10 balls, which you have to deliver to the gate. The more balls you deliver, the more score you will get. With a special item, the ‚Grabber', you can steal the balls an enemy collected and deliver them your own.
" Medals and ranks
With every match played you get scores subscribed to your account. Every time you reach a certain score, you get a higher rank. For outstanding performances like a very good Kill-Self Kill relation you are honored with medls from bronce to gold.