In the years of the beginning discovery of space by man, when state and private organisations fought for the dominating position, one came to the conclusion that an amalgamation of man, the new federates and the freed species would be necessary. The smartest heads came together and made the foundation stone, the foundation manifest of the Alliance: the Alliance is the main anchor of all interstellar incidents. Luckily, the Alliance’s influence has been expanded on the global administrations, so meanwhile an almost frictionless flow between the members of the growing family of the Allience became possible. Victory for the Alliance, by the Alliance!

To offer the possibility of fair, athletic competitions to the different planets of the Alliance, in the year 2259 the Official Glider League was founded. We wish you, a new member of the proud round of the league’s pilotes, good luck, courage and bravery. Victory for the Alliance, by the Alliance!